Areas of Specialization


Ne-am specializat în peste 20 de domenii de activitate și îți asigurăm toate nevoile pentru servicii de traduceri autorizate, legalizate și interpretariat.

Vezi mai jos toate domeniile și ariile de activitate, în care echipa noastră de traducători are experiență.


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Our team will answer in about 1 business hour, from Monday to Friday (9 AM – 6 PM)



  • Authorized and legalized translations for civil sentences, court decisions, court rulings, provisions, powers of attorney, articles of incorporation, deeds of assignment, successions, criminal records, study documents;
  • Translation of service contracts, translation of non-disclosure agreements, loan agreement, sale and purchase agreement, lease agreement, rental agreements;
  • Apostille and Supralegalization issued by the Chamber of Notaries, by the Prefecture, by the Ministry of Justice, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, notarial documents issued by Notaries Public;
  • Translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, criminal records;
  • Translations of civil state documents, identity documents, name change certificates;
  • Translation of birth & marriage certificates, identity, citizenship & civil state documents, ID, passport, identity card;
  • Translation of Romanian citizenship documents, identity card, passport.
  • Authorized and legalized medical translations for medical documents, test reports, admission file, discharge summary, hospital discharge file, medical prescriptions, medical examinations;
  • Translation of medical device user manuals, glossaries of medical terms, case studies, specialized papers;
  • Authorized translations of medical equipment and devices, medicines, medical prescriptions, clinical information, toxicological data, pharmaceutical and biological information;
  • Translation of medical insurance, life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance conditions;
  • Documents and results of medical tests, medical books, medical certificates, medical reports (ultrasound, radiography, CT, MRI);
  • Blood tests, colonoscopic and immunohistochemical examinations, biopsies, histopathological results;
  • User guidelines, medical equipment booklet, medical software applications and programs, medical web pages (website);
  • Clinical studies, biological studies, medical products and consumables, specialized medical works and glossaries of medical terms;


  • Translations of car registration documents, sale and purchase agreements, briefs, MTPL / CASCO / Green Card insurance;
  • Cars for passenger transport – translations of documents related to the construction and operation of the car, user manuals, specifications, parts lists, presentations;
  • Auto parts – translations of documents related to the construction and operation of the heat engine, the electric motor, user manuals, specifications, parts lists;
  • Freight cars – translation of documents related to the construction and operation of vans, trucks, dump trucks;
  • Special cars – translations of documents related to the construction and operation of tankers, self-refrigerating trucks, mobile cranes, ambulance cars, tractors, plows;
  • Translation of balance sheets, financial and accounting reports, bank account statements, accounting expertises, audit expertises, business plans;
  • Authorized translations of financial analyses, financing projects, financial indicators, contracts for the provision of banking or financial services, economic or financial analyses, letter of good standing, letters of bank guarantee;
  • Translations of invoices and receipts, accounting documents, credit files, price offers for products and services;
  • Translation for software systems, hardware systems, programming languages, data structures, specialized works;
    Translation of web pages / websites, mobile applications, platforms and software applications, Android / IOS / Apple applications;
  • IT databases, graphical interface, help files, user manuals for IT products, installation and troubleshooting of IT products and equipment;
  • Authorized translations of product presentations, applications, IT platforms, web tutorials, e-learning platforms.
  • Microeconomics – authorized and legalised translations of documents related to economic processes and phenomena, their causal and functional relationships and connections, studies, references, specialized papers, research papers, textbooks;
  • Macroeconomics – authorized and legalised translations of documents related to the behavior of the economy in general, to the total income or employment, to the inflation rate or short-term fluctuations, studies, references, specialized papers, research papers, textbooks;
  • Translations of documents relating to raw materials, ferrous materials, non-ferrous materials, alloys, rolled products, metal powders, electrodes;
  • Product user manuals, construction projects, specifications, product catalogs, brochures, magazines, data sheets;


  • Transport aviation – Translations of documents related to civil aviation, user manuals, specifications, presentations;
  • Military aviation – authorized and legalised translations of documents related to the armed forces, the navy, technical manuals;
  • Utility aviation – translation of documents related to civil aviation providing various transport services in the field of health and tourism, chemical treatment works in agriculture;
  • Sports aviation – documents related to civil aviation, organization of flight activities, skydiving and model aircraft.
  • Authorized and legalised translations of documents related to the properties, behavior and control of electrons, documents from industry, communications, military defense, specifications for semiconductors, diodes, transistors, research papers, analyzes, manuals, descriptions.
  • Translations of documents related to construction and public works, electrical engineering, energy, steam engines, aeronautics, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, specialized works, projects;
  • Translations of documents related to experiments, natural sciences, natural studies, social sciences, study of human behavior, mathematical proof, articles, analyzes, specialized works, studies, textbooks;
  • Translation of documentation for the production of medicines, marketing authorization, specialized works;
  • Translations of medicine leaflets, pharmaceutical studies, pharmaceuticals and medicines;


  • Translations of documents relating to the sugar industry, the sugar products industry, the starch, glucose and dextrin industry, the vegetable oil industry;
  • Authorized and legalised translations in the meat and meat products industry, the milk and dairy products industry, the milling, bakery and flour products industry;
  • Translation of documents from the fruit and vegetable exploitation industry, the alcohol and alcoholic beverages industry, the beer industry, the wine industry, the tobacco industry;
  • Translation of documents relating to the history of the textile industry, companies in the textile industry, textile plants;
  • Authorized and legalised translations of techniques and processes in the textile industry, raw materials, finished products;
  • Authorized and legalised translations of market analysis, marketing theories and practices, product / service descriptions, product / service regulations, advertising materials, websites, marketing plans, articles, manuals, studies;
  • Translations of documents related to poultry farming, fish farming, agrophytotechnics, horticulture and sericulture;
  • Translation of documents related to beekeeping, mollusc farming, forestry (study, growth, exploitation and protection of trees);
  • Artă plastică – Traducere documente referitoare la pictură și grafică, sculptură, arhitectură, meșteșugărie, articole, manuale, studii;
  • Literatură – Traduceri autorizate și legalizate documente din epică, dramaturgie și lirică, poezii, romane, piese de teatru;


  • You can find us in the ultra-central area of Bucharest, located only 100 m away from Universitate subway station, across the Intercontinental Hotel;
  • You can reach us within minutes from any area of Bucharest, where you can place your orders in person, for authorized translations, legalised translations, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting;
  • We provide authorized translation services, legalised translations, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, in any area of Bucharest (Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, Sector 4, Sector 5, Sector 6) and Ilfov;


  • We provide authorized translation services, legalised translations, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, in any city of Romania, with translators and interpreters authorized by the Ministry of Justice;
  • The main cities where we provide authorized translation services, legalised translations, simultaneous interpreting, and consecutive interpreting, are: Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Timișoara, Iași, Constanța, Craiova, Brașov, Galați, Ploiești, Oradea, Brăila, Arad, Pitești, Sibiu, Bacău, Baia Mare, Buzău, Botoșani, Satu Mare, Suceava, Bistrița, Tulcea, Alba Iulia, Deva;


  • We provide the full range of authorized translation services, legalised translations, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, carried out by authorized translators and interpreters, in all European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary;
  • Regardless of the European city you live in, we provide authorized translation services, legalised translations, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, in the main European cities: London, Vienna, Brussels, Sofia, Prague, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Dublin, Rome, Oslo, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Moscow, Belgrade, Madrid, Stockholm, Kiev, Budapest.
Official Recommendation - 2020
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Relațiile economice existente, ne-au deterninat să colaborăm cu Agenția de Traduceri WeTranslate, față de care ne exprimăm aprecierea în calitate de funizor de traduceri. Datorită colaborării cu WeTranslate, am perfectionat relații cu parteneri străini și am participat la proiecte europene. WeTranslate ne-a impresionat prin atitudinea proactivă, comunicarea facilă cu echipa, implicare și seriozitate.
Official Recommendation - 2020
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Serviciile WeTranslate îndeplinesc întocmai cerințele noastre, oferind traduceri tehnice de calitate, care respectă specificațiile noastre, astfel încât să nu mai necesite intervenția noastră. WeTranslate dă dovadă de profesionalism, ceea ce ne îndreptățește să recomandăm folosirea serviciilor pe care le oferă.
Alexandrion Group
Alexandrion Group
Official Recommendation - 2019
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Alexandrion Grup recomandă WeTranslate, furnizorul nostru pentru servicii de interpretariat, care ne asigură soluții complete, formate din interpreți specializați, echipamente și suport tehnic. WeTranslate a răspuns solicitărilor noastre promt, evenimentele noastre derulându-se cu succes.
Georgiana Coconu
Georgiana Coconu
Google Review - 2020
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Foarte multumită de colaborare! Și-au arătat interesul total pentru client și au răspuns foarte repede solicitării! Prețuri foarte bune față de concurență! Multumesc WeTranslate !
Bianca Marian
Bianca Marian
Google Review - 2019
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Foarte amabili și promți! Ne-au ajutat de fiecare dată când am avut nevoie, chiar în aceeași zi. Cu un simplu mail, am rezolvat de fiecare dată toate traducerile de care am avut nevoie. Cu siguranță vom mai apela la serviciile WeTranslate, mai ales că ne-au ajutat cu traduceri din Turca în Română, traduceri care în zona Ardealului sunt dificil de obținut. Vă mulțumim WeTranslate!
Mirabela Turbuc
Mirabela Turbuc
Google Review - 2019
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Foarte buni profesioniști. Traducere în 24h de la confirmarea plății. Am salvat 100€ pe care i-aș fi plătit la Paris. Comunicare rapidă și eficientă pe email cu echipa WeTranslate. Plată printr-o platformă de plată online, cu 5 cenți comision pt 24€ plătiți.
Jack Singh
Jack Singh
Google Review - 2019
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Brilliant set of people and excellent services. Madalina and her team were very professional and efficient at the prescribed set of services. If you are looking for any set of services from Wetranslate I highly recommend the team.
Florentina Mihalache
Florentina Mihalache
Google Review - 2019
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Foarte mulțumită de serviciile WeTranslate! Rapiditate, corectitudine, profesionalism! Deși eu nu sunt din București, am facut totul online, am trimis documentul de tradus, am trimis banii și în ziua următoare am primit documentul tradus, prin curier rapid ! Vă recomand cu drag să accesați aceste servicii! Felicitări echipei !!!
Andreea Galetschi
Andreea Galetschi
Google Review - 2019
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Recomand serviciile WeTranslate. Comunicarea este foarte usoară cu angajații, răspund promt cerințelor, verifică transmiterea corectă a datelor. Am fost sunată direct, când comunicarea via e-mail ar fi putut conține interpretări greșite. Plus, messengerul de pe website este foarte eficient, veți comunica cu o persoană reală, în doar câteva secunde, nu cu un robot! (persoană fizică domiciliată în afara României)
Theodor Stoican
Theodor Stoican
Google Review - 2019
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Excelent serviciul primit. Nu a trebuit să mă duc nici macar la sediu, totul online prin email, plată electronică și extrem de punctuali. Am primit traducerile cu aproape o zi mai devreme. De asemenea, calitatea traducerilor a fost ok.
  • We always choose quality before price
  • You have a dedicated Account Manager, 24/7
  • We manage the entire process, so that you receive the final solution
  • We work with +800 professional translators and interpreters
  • We provide services in the most common 36 foreign languages
  • You can pay online, by card, directly from the invoice
  • We deliver the documents wherever and whenever you needed, ultra-fast
  • Ultra-central office, located in the ”ground zero” area of Bucharest