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We are WeTranslate

We learn every day to be better professionals

People are the most important resource of any company, which is why we focus our attention on building a super-professional team.

We challenge ourselves every day to generate the most ambitious ideas, which we can put into practice, so that we become better every day.

4.9 / 5 Rating - 555 Reviews
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Our team

8 Super-Professionals, ready to be challenged

WeTranslate Madalina Ciornohuz

Mădălina Ciornohuz

VP & Sales Executive

When we set the foundation for WeTranslate, we gathered passions from several fields: my passion for specialized translations, the passion of my partner, Claudiu, for a successful business, and the passion for working with people of our colleagues. And to all this, we must add the years-long experience of each of us.

Quality, performance, professionalism, and the care we show for the requests of our clients and partners represent the values around which we revolve, in which we believe, and which we want to show to our clients and partners.

Our mission is to continuously improve our level of expertise, in order to respond promptly and in a professional manner, to all the requests of our clients and partners.

Last but not least, our long-term vision is for WeTranslate to be a dedicated partner for all clients who want to receive high quality translation and interpreting services.

Dana Zanfir

Deputy Sales Executive

Fresh out of college, I joined the WeTranslate team, being eager to explore a new and challenging field.

From the very first days, the members of the team have inspired my positivity and dedication towards the common goal: performing tasks efficiently to satisfy customers.

Qualities such as promptness, willingness to learn, efficient communication were appreciated and encouraged by colleagues and the management, so the desire for improvement came to life.

The focus on quality over quantity was the reason why I stayed attached to this project and why I believe in its development and mine, accordingly.

The core of WeTranslate is its clients, and the connection created between us and them is the thing that motivates me and which I would put a defining emphasis on.

wetranslate dana zanfir
wetranslate simona dobre

Simona Dobre

Account Manager

How can a young graduate with a bachelor’s in human resources grow, while using her skills and knowledge?

This is the question I was thinking about last year, and the answer came quickly when my steps were guided towards WeTranslate.

Slightly shy, but at the same time excited about what I was yet to discover, I started working with a young and vibrant team of people passionate beyond limits, who have the same goal: delivering the higher quality services.

I have always aimed to team up with the best, regardless of where I have been, because, as I like to say, it is very important what people you have around you when you want to succeed, and by far this is the best choice I made out of all the places I could have been.

So, I strongly believe that the unique experience that WeTranslate offers to its customers, but also the relationship that we, and a team, we have with them, have turned this project into a success.

Ruxandra Mihăilescu

Account Manager

After several professional experiences in various fields, I decided to change the course of my career and join the WeTranslate team.

After a very short time, I have realized that I am part of a team driven by passion and professionalism. Here, I have the opportunity to learn new things every step of the way, which helps me develop continuously.

Because the main goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of the customers, all the activity of the employees was focused from the beginning, on the quality of the services offered.

This has been the determining factor for which WeTranslate has now become the favorite service provider of customers when they want professional and high-quality translation services.

All this makes me want to be part, for a period as long as possible, of the WeTranslate team.

rux 2
Oana 3

Oana Marcu

Account Manager

After a 12-years career in Human Resources, I felt the need for a change. Thus, I became part of the WeTranslate team, as Account Manager.

Although I had no experience in the field of translations, I was warmly welcomed and offered all the support to carry out my work fom home. Moreover, I went through an extremely useful training period, which now helps me carrying out my daily activity with ease.

If for 12 years I have always played the role of the customer, now I am the one who, with enthusiasm and dedication, seek to deliver to customers services that meet the highest quality standards.

I believe that when you do things that you like and you are passionate about, customers will always receive what they want, delivering not only the services they wanted, but a memorable experience.

Valentina Măereanu

Account Manager

I have always sought to be part of a small and united team, just like a family. I found this at WeTranslate. And that’s not the only thing I found.

Every day I have the opportunity to do what I like most: to interact with people, to listen to them, to find out their needs, to discover what I can do to help them, and to fulfil our customers’ needs with professionalism.

And there you have it: empathy, communication, and the desire to provide high-quality services are the recipe that our customers are satisfied with, and which motivates us to continue our mission.

In a digitalized and robotic world, human interaction makes a difference and opens opportunities to build long-lasting relationships based on respect and empathy.

Oana 1
roberta site 1

Roberta Nae

Assistent Manager

Ever since college, I have been looking for an environment where I can grow, gain as much experience as possible, and have the opportunity to work with a team that will help me become a better version of myself.

So, the chance to be part of the WeTranslate team came along quickly. I see this as a great opportunity to start my professional career, especially because the team is young, energic and dedicated.

From the very first days, I discovered that the team is made of people who are passionate about their work, who do everything in the most professional way possible and who emphasize people, the quality of the services offered, and the satisfaction of the customers.

I want my journey within the team to be as long as possible, to have the opportunity to help fulfil the mission of WeTranslate and to offer, together with my colleagues, a pleasant and different experience to customers.

Claudiu Ioniță

Head of WT Team

At the end of 2014, together with Mădălina, we decided to lay the foundations and set up in 2015 what turned out to be WeTranslate, highlighting all the knowledge that we acquired during these years.

WeTranslate came to life on the Romanian market, from the desire to offer a different experience, to each person or company that needs translation services, at the highest level of professionalism and quality, where the client is always first.

WeTranslate is a company that is constantly developing, being in the TOP 10 TRANSLATION COMPANIES in Romania, with the goal to become the main option for any person and company, in search of translation and interpreting services.

Our customers
about WeTranslate
4.9 / 5 Rating - 555 Reviews
Google Review
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Prompt, quality services at an excellent price. Also, the Support Service has a perfect setup, which seems to run through a CRM system, and the team is at the customer's service and offers quick and clear answers, directly through the online chat, within seconds.
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We’ve carried out numerous projects that required the expertise of WeTranslate for technical translations, being extremely important projects, the technical documentation amounting to thousands of pages sometimes. We recommend WeTranslate as a good business partner, oriented to the customers’ needs.
Google Review
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I am thrilled that I sent / received the documents, and I was able to make the payment online. My request was answered quickly, and I received the translations in the time I was told from the beginning, which was 2 days. It was a useful service, especially now during the Covid period, when I was able to solve everything online, from home.
Insurance Health House Botosani City
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Due to the very constructive collaboration with the WeTranslate team, we manage to complete all the obligations towards our clients, for the translation of medical documents. We are greatly impressed by the professional nature and promptness of the WeTranslate team.
Google Review
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A very efficient, proactive and professional team that can solve even the most complex request in a very short time, even if it’s an emergency. I am very confident that they will be able to help you when you’ll need translation services. Thank you!
International Organization for Migration
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We've been sincerely impressed with your outstanding cooperation, everytime we need your support for our translation needs. Each time, the entire service is exceptionally well, fast and in a most professional way. Kindly accept our sincere appreciation and warm thanks for your amazing dedication.
Google Review
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I highly appreciated the very good communication, the promptness of the answers and the willingness to understand the problem well before offering solutions. Both the authorized and the legalized translation services were of the highest quality, just as I expected. Thanks, WeTranslate!
Google Review
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I found WeTranslate through a recommendation from a friend and I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself collaborating with a very prompt and professional team. They solved everything I needed and saved me a lot of time. We will definitely use your services again.
Google Review
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Super professional team ... I trusted in the professionalism of WeTranslate after visiting their website and I managed to complete the translations in a very short time! Everything, with just a few clicks! Online documents... online payment! Thanks, and good luck!
Google Review
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Fairness and punctuality, even if it’s the first project with WeTranslate! These are the most appropriate words to describe the services we received and the experience we had with their team! We will definitely work with them again in the future!
Why clients choose WeTranslate
  • We always choose quality before price;
  • You have a dedicated Account Manager, 24/7;
  • We manage the entire process, so that you receive the final solution;
  • We work with +800 professional translators and interpreters;
  • We provide services in the most spoken 35 foreign languages;
  • Online payment, directly from the invoice;
  • We deliver documents how and where you need them, ultra-fast;
  • Ultra-central office, in the very centre of Bucharest
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